! Harry Potter Books and more...
! Harry Potter Books and more...

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You signed up for this Email Newsletter to be notified when the 5th Harry Potter Book, "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" will be released. There isn't an actual release date as of yet, but there is news that J.K. Rowling is finished and the book is going to the editors. We hope to send out an email Newsletter each month so the we can keep you up-to-date on all Harry Potter happenings.

Have you heard? It has been stated that J.K. Rowling is at the final stages of Book 5. It should be on its way to the editors. The next question is... When will it be released?

This month's issue includes:
  • HP Book 5 finished?
  • Movie Tickets Sold Out?
  • Harry Halloween
  • News Links

Harry Potter Book 5 by Christmas?

Book 5 going to the editors?
''MILLIONS of children and their parents can relax. J. K. Rowling was working yesterday on the final stages of the fifth Harry Potter novel. It may even be ready for Christmas. In an exclusive interview with The Times, Rowling said not only that she has not been suffering from writer’s block but also that she is expecting a new baby to join her daughter Jessica next spring. Amidst the “indescribable mess” in her Edinburgh office, there is a “little oasis”, she says, where the manuscript is stacked, “nice, neat, pristine and big” — as big, she thinks, as The Goblet of Fire (636 pages).''
So can her millions of readers expect a Christmas present? “Possibly”. There is a deep, throaty chuckle. ~Times Online source Sept. 20th 2002

Got DVD?
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Harry Potter and the Vanishing Tickets

Tickets for preview screenings of the second Harry Potter film sold out yesterday (in England) within hours of going on sale. The preview screening will take place Friday November 8th in Great Britain, then the film will be released simultaneously in America on November 15th.

Who will you be this Halloween?

Here are a few links to some Harry Potter related Halloween Costumes that we found via the web.
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Plus here is a link to OpenFlame.com's Harry Halloween page.

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Here is a small list of some current HP news:

Harry Potter Costumes

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Harry Potter Costumes
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