Friday, January 10, 2003 - Posted by Cory Hutchinson at 11:45 AM     [submit news]

Interview with Victor Krum

Daily Prophet readers, I Cory Potter, just got an exclusive interview with Victor Krum. Mr. Krum was very open with our interview and gave some of his opinions on the Triwizard Tournament.

Potter: Mr. Krum what is it like to be one of the biggest stars in the Quidditch world?

Krum: Vell, it is very exciting.

Potter: How do you manage it all, going to Durmstrang, and playing Quidditch?

Krum: Vell, my stoodies alvays come virst.

Potter: What are the pros and cons of going to Durmstrang?

Krum: Vell, the pros of going to Durmstrang are dat I am close to my vamily and my vriends. I love the surrounding area, but it is nothing to Ogwarts. The cons of it is that I am not able to be close to my gurlvriend, Hermione Granger.

Potter: Speaking of Hogwarts, what did you think of it?

Krum: I loved it there. the countryzide was beautiful and the people vere so vriendly. (Owl flies in. Krum opens letter)
I am zorry, but I have to go.

Potter: thank you for your time.

Cory Potter,
Chief Reporter,
Head of the Daily Prophet