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As you know the Hippogriff incident in Diagon Alley on 7/25/02 has been unexplained until now. Ministry wizards have just now uncovered evidence that the Hippogriff was let loose in Diagon Alley by the dark wizard Dominique Solomon. The stampede was intentional and preordained. Wizards have yet to bring Solomon to justice. While he evades capture, if you have any information on the incident or the whereabouts of Solomon please contact the Ministry. The Ministry has said that Solomon placed a spell called the Encrex on the unsuspecting Hippogriff and then let it loose in Diagon Alley.

Daniel Fudge
Your Magizoologist

Friday, July 26, 2002 - Posted by Dragon Xeno at 6:59 AM     [submit news]

Wild Hippogriff Rampages through Wizarding Shoping Alley!

On the date of 7/25/02, a wild Hippogriff stampeded throught the wildly popular Wizarding Shoping Alley, Diagon Alley. When the beast was spotted from Diagon Alley, many of the Wizards and Witches apparated from the scene or quickly took cover in some of the Wizarding shops.
We interviewed Mr. William Bingleham, who was an eyewitness, about the startled beast. "It was real strange," he said. "We heard a galloping noise outside of Diagon Alley. Most of us just thought that it was just some horses going by the Alley. But then somebody yelled "Hippogriff!" and then suddenly an enermous Hippogriff came tearing into the Alley. It looked as though something had spooked it badly. It had a startled, wild look in its eyes. Most of the Wizards around me apparated from the scene or took their families into the closest shops to hide. It was a really starteling experience for me."
There was no one killed by the startled Hippogriff, but several Wizards who were were seriously wonded by the Hippogriff when they were trying to calm it down so they could capture it.
The Ministry of Magic is investigating on what caused the Hippogriff to become spooked and suddenly tear towards Diagon Alley. They have no leads right now but are working hard to figure what spooked it. If any of you have any information about who did this, then please send an owl to the Ministry of Magic IMMEDIATLY.

Thank You!

Magizoology Reporter for the Daily Prophet

Saturday, July 13, 2002 - Posted by Cory Hutchinson at 10:47 AM     [submit news]

Readers, an other cross-breeding attempt sucessful. The Daily Prophet's own Cory Potter and Daniel Fudge have created a new species of phoenix. Mr. Fudge and Mr. Potter have cross-bred the Augurey (a.k.a Irish Phoenix) and the phoenix.While having dinner about 6 months ago, Mr. Potter and Mr. Fudge had the idea to cross-breed the two birds. Mr. Potter, who owns a phoenix and Mr. Fudge who owns an Augurey, used their own pet birds in the experiment.
When they first started the experiment it looked like it would fail. As most of you know the Augurey is a very shy bird. It took Mr. Fudge's Augurey sometime to warm up to Mr. Potter's phoenix, but it finally happened. Just last month Mr. Fudge's bird had her eggs. And today they hatched.
The little chics have the same build as a pheonix. The male's have green and black plumage on the head, and scarlet plumage on the body (opposite with the females), and the tales are a mixture of green, scarlet, black, and gold.
The birds have amazing powers, they can fortell bad weather, and their tears can heal. Unlike regular Augurey tail feathers, these do not repel ink and make beautiful quills, because each feather is multi-colored. Ollivanders has already put in an order for fifty tail feathers for soem brand new wands.
The new species has been named the Phoegurey. If you have any comments on this new creation please email either Daniel Fudge at Frogprints87@aol.com or Cory Potter at Pheonixfire0416@aol.com.

Cory Potter,
Chief Reporter,
head of the Daily Prophet

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For several years now Magizoology wizards have been attempting to break the sacred code of mother nature and crossbreed two of the most famous mystical creatures, the Unicorn and the Dragon. The eggs were fertilized inside the Unicorn due to it's high birthing success rate. If the Dragon were to give birth the baby might not survive or even come out deformed. The birth took place yesterday, June 5, at the MRC: Magizoology Research Center. All was well with the birth until the Magizoologists received the shock of a life time: not one but two of the new species were born! Twins! They have named the twins Dracorn and Unigon. The name of the species has not yet been decided. So far Magizoologists have observed these main features: It has scales on the body of a horse, a horn that shoots fire, the head of a horse, the tail of a dragon, and a medium to fiesty temperment. This discovery has excited all the wizarding world and the Magizoologists who created the cross species have won several awards. Send your feedback to Frogprints87@aol.com. Lately there has been lots of news involving the unicorn. Psychics say that this means something BIG is going to happen involving the species.

Daniel Fudge
Your Magizoologist