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Daily Prophet

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Harry Potter News!

Nov. 21st: Review for Harry Potter and teh Sorcorer's Stone Cory Potter

Daily Prophet
Written by. Cory Potter

      Harry Potter fans the picture for the upcoming book Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is rumored to be fake. Some ways to prove this are the pocture of the phoenix on the supposed cover doesn't coinside with the descirpition of the phoenix in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets or the descripition of the phoenix in Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them.
      I will tell you what it says under phoenix in Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them:

      M.O.M. ( Ministrey of Magic) Classification: XXXX
The phoenix is a magnificent, swan-sized, scarlet bird with a long golden tail, beak and talons.

      If you would like to learn more about the phoenix turn to page 32 in Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them.
Now on the cover of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix the phoenix is not swan-sized. In fact it is more that ten-times larger than a swan. It is not scarlet it is gold. The only thing that the phoenix on Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is that the tail feathers are the same color and that it has talons, and a beak.
      If you have anything to add E-Owl me at Pheonixfire0416@aol.com.

Nov. 19th: Review for Harry Potter and teh Sorcorer's Stone Cory Potter

Daily Prophet
Written by. Cory Potter

      For all of you Harry Potter fans who haven't seen the movie yet I have a review for you.
      Daniel Radcliffe did an excellent job as playing the hero of the series Harry Potter. Emma Watson was superb as Hermione Granger, the witty muggle witch who "needs to get her priorities straightened out" as Ron Weasley says it. Rupert Grint was great in the role of Ron Weasley, Harry's best friend.
      The movie was an adrenaline rush. The movie was more action packed than Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. The only disapointment is that they didn't have some things that were in the books. My personal opinion is that they were as faithful to the book as you can get. I gave this movie four-and-a-half stars.

Cory Potter

Nov. 2nd: Positions have been filled! Cory Potter

Daily Prophet
Written by. Cory Potter

For of the Harry Potter fans who have been waiting to know who was chosen as the staff of the Daily Prophet. I have your answer.
     For the position of Assistant Reporter I have chosen Selena Astralis. A lovely person who is attending Hogwarts Online.
     For the position of Personals Reporter I have chosen Alley Snow. A graduate of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. In her day she  was a Ravenclaw prefect and Head Girl.
     For the position of Magizoology I have chosen
Jadis Blackwell. A graduate of the Salem Academy of Witchcraft.
     And I have chosen to add one more part to the Daily Prophet, A Quiddtch Section. Many people sent me resumes for this position, and I have chosen Nancy O'Flaherty.
     Please do not be offended if you were not chosen for a position.

Cory Potter

Aug. 23rd: Prophet Openings - Reporter: Cory Potter

-Calling all Wizards & Witches-

   Readers, as you know I am taking applications for the openings in the Daily Prophet. You must have the info that I requested. Any applications that are less than two sentences long on the Background Info. will be disregarded. I will stop excepting an applications on November 1st. Please try and get them in before this date. You have a better chance of getting chosen if you turn in your application before the beginning of November.
   Good luck to you all. If you have any problems with my request, please send me an owl (e-owl, e-mail whichever you prefer to call it). May the best applicants win the positions.

   Help is wanted at the Daily Prophet. Any one interested in becoming a reporter for the Prophet please e-mail me (Pheonixfire0416@aol.com) a resume.
The following positions are open:

Magizooloy Reporter
Personals Reporter
Assistant Reporter

To be a reporter for the Magizoology Section you MUST have the following things on your resume:
1. Wizard name
2. An education at any wizarding school
3. Experience with magical creatures
4. To do this job you must have the book called "Fantastic Beast and Where to find Them"

If you are chosen for this job you must write a story about one magical animal a month. Your stories will be due around the beginning or ending of every month.

If you are interested in becoming a reporter in the Personals Section you must have the following things on your resume:
1. Wizard name
2. An education at any wizarding school
3. You must keep up with the horoscopes, and be good on giving advice on any subject.

If you are chosen for this job, you have the same responsibilities as the Magizoology Reporter.

To become my Assistant Reporter you must have the following things on your resume:
1. Wizard name
2. Education from a wizarding school
3. Keep updated on all of the latest Harry Potter news

   Once again, good luck to you all!! (e-owl) me at Pheonixfire0416@aol.com. - Cory Potter

Aug. 16th: Good & Bad News - Reporter: Cory Potter

-90 Days until the Movie-

   For all of the Harry Potter fanatics! I have some good news, and some bad news. I'll start with the good news. There are just 90 more days until the "Harry Potter & The Sorcerer's Stone" comes out in the movies for the people in the U.K. and the U.S. If you would like to see when the movie comes out where you live, go to www.harrypotter.com. The bad news is that Harry Potter and the "Order of the Phoenix" won't be coming out until sometime early next year.
   If you have any rumors or info on the books please E-owl (E-mail) me at Pheonixfire0416@aol.com. - Cory Potter

Aug. 6th: Wizard Warning - Reporter: Cory Potter

-Wizard Warning Notice-

   Readers, there have been some strange rumors flying around the wizard and muggle world. I'll hit the muggle world first because there are so few. Wizards and witches please try to stay calm. Muggles are noticing the purple bubbles and owls. I read the muggle press and they had a huge article about it. If you are going to send letters by Owl Post, please send them at night so they do not draw so much attention.
   Now to confirm all speculation the Dark Lord has returned. The Ministry of Magic does not believe this. Albus Dumbledore however, was the first to hear from the mouth of Harry Potter that the Dark Lord has returned. If you see any suspicious activity please report it to the Ministry. If they get enough owls they will start to believe the rumors. - Cory Potter

Aug. 1st: Happy Birthday - Reporter: Cory Potter

-Happy Birthday-

    Just yesterday the famous Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling had there birthdays. Harry turned fifteen and Ms. Rowling turned thirty-six. On CBS's The Today Show they celebrated their birthdays. As most of you know Harry Potter is the young boy who was the downfall of the most powerful Dark Wizard, Lord- I'm sorry He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. Ms. Rowling is the person who wrote about Harry's tragic life. Starting with his parents being murdered up until his graduating from the fourth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She will continue writing when Harry starts his fifth year at Hogwarts. Please send Harry and Ms. Rowling your wishes for another great year at www.harrypotter.com. - Cory Potter

July 23rd: Book 5 is about Fawkes - Reporter: Matt P.

-Book 5 is about Fawkes-

  Harry finds out about a secret called Nights Wish, which means that night can turn evil to good on July 31st Harry's B-day. This rumor was submitted by Matt P. E-owl

If you have any rumors, feel free to e-owl Pheonixfire0416@aol.com. - Cory Potter

July 19th: Heir to Gryffindor - Reporter: Cory Potter

-Dion for Harry Potter CD-

  Singer Celine Dion will be producing a Harry Potter CD. Dion cut a deal with Warner Brothers, that when she produces her next album her title song will be The Boy Who Lived deticated to Harry Potter, the most sensaitional book character of the century. The CD is still in the process of writing, composing, and producing. No one knows when the CD is coming into stores, but is rumored to come out a short while after Harry Potter and the Sorcerors Stone goes into theaters. If you know when the CD hits stores, E-owl me at Pheonixfire0416@aol.com. - Cory Potter

July 12th: Heir to Gryffindor - Reporter: Crystal
"i heard a rumour on another Harry potter site that Harry Potter is an heir of Gryffindor. these are the reasons they had listed. His parents lived in Godrics Hollow (Gryffindor's first name was Godric), and he pulled the Gryffindor Sword out of the sorting hat; Dumbledore tells Harry that only a "True Gryffindor" could do that. When he was in the wand shop and he tried his wand red and gold sparks came shooting out. his star sign is Leo and that is a lion and the gryffindor mascot is a lion. There is also the matter of Professor Trelawney's first prediction..... Dumbledore tells Harry that Prof.Trelawyney's prediction about the Dark Lord's return to power is her SECOND real prediction. I believe that the first prediction was that the heir of Gryffindor would defeat/destroy the heir of Slytherin. That would explain why Voldemort was only interested in killing James and Harry as they were the last surviving heirs of Gryffindor. Lily got killed because she "got in the way," but Voldemort was never "after her."

i believe that these a really good reasons to support this theory" - Crystal

Mar. 17th: Sirius Black - Reporter: Jill
"I have heard rumours that Sirius is the heir to Gryffindor." - Jill

Mar. 17th: Arabella Figs - Reporter: Jill
"J.K. Rowling recently announced that Arabella Figg is Mrs. Figg mentioned at the end of Book 4." - Jill

Dec 21st - Harry Potter Sites Closing!? Source

--"Warner Bros. claims Harry Potter Sites"--

To many fans of Harry Potter, the greatest threat facing the boy wizard might not be the dark Lord Voldemort anymore. Potter's new enemy is taking shape in the guise of film studio Warner Brothers.

The Internet has sprouted thousands of unofficial fan Web pages that honor the popular character from the children's book series. Now Warner Brothers, which is making a Harry Potter film, is claiming that many of the fan Web sites violate its intellectual-property rights and is demanding the domain names be surrendered to the studio. The unit of Time Warner Inc. purchased the film and merchandising rights, as well as the trademarks and copyrights to the characters, from the books' author, J.K. Rowling. -By Stephanie Grunier and John Lippman Source

Dec. 23rd: Movie images: Jasmel
It looks like a bunch of photos were taken on and around the sets of the upcoming Harry Potter Movie. We just happen to have a few sent to us. View more images HERE

Class room
larger image
Hogwarts Classroom
Hagrid's Hut
larger image
Hagrid's Hut
Oct. 21st: 5th Book's Title released   Reporter: Jasmel

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - Book V

Straight from J.K. Rowling herself, the title of the much-awaited Book V was announced yesterday(10/20/00) as... Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix! Rowling was having brunch with the winners of Scholastic's "How Harry Potter Changed my Life" contest, when "this cute boy, about 8, asked me, and I knew it would make him so happy." - Source Potter News

Oct. 3rd: Hagrid has been Spotted!   Reporter: Jasmel
Hagrid spotted at Platform 9 & 3/4! Click here for full story.

Hagrid Spotted

Sept. 15th: Harry heir of Gryffindor?   Reporter: Jasmel
Harry, Heir of Godric Gryffindor?

"Could Harry be the true heir of Godric Gryffindor?", several readers have wondered.

Hint #1: First, when he trys out his wand in Ollivanders (Book I), red and gold sparks shoot out of it. Red and gold are the colors of Gryffindor House.

Hint #2: Secondly, McGonagall mentions in the prologue to Book I that Harry's parents lived in Godric Hollow.

Hint #3: Third, in COS, after Harry pulls Godric Gryffindor's sword out of the sorting hat, Dumbledore tells him that "Only a true Gryffindor could have pulled it out" Could this have a deeper meaning?

August 21st: Announcing Hermione, Harry, and Ron!   Reporter: Jasmel
Announcing Hermione, Harry, and Ron!

Hermione, Harry, and Ron!
Click above for larger image

Above from left to right: Emma Watson as Hermione, Daniel Radcliff as Harry Potter, and Rupert Grint as Ron! 

Check out full story here!

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