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Friday, September 13, 2002 - Posted by Cory Hutchinson at 11:47 AM     [submit news]

Adventurous day. Do you feel like having an adventure? Well today, you're more likely to have an adventure when you go on a short journey. No need to go very far, just someplace you've wanted to go before, yet never been. Today is also a good day to surprise a close friend with news or a small gift.

love*** money**** work***

Make up your mind! Today spending too long making decisions won't benefit you. In fact, it could cause you some unnecessary grief. That's because today you'll tend to overanalyze your options. The simple solution to this problem is to make decisions more quickly, especially on unimportant matters.

love*** money*** work***

Different strokes for different folks. Today, more people around you will differ in their beliefs from yours. Rather than clash with all of them, listen respectfully to their opinions. Then only if absolutely necessary, try explaining your position. Great day to expose yourself to other points of view.

love*** money**** work**

friday sept 22
Can you avoid money? Today you may want to try! That's because today your judgment regarding the use of money is at below normal levels. Try putting off any major purchases or investments. You'll also want to avoid advising others how to spend their money. Tomorrow things will be back to normal.

love*** money* work***

Shiny happy person. Today your individuality will really shine. So for the best day possible, try showing off the qualities that make you different and unique. That could involve wearing your favorite clothes, sharing your hobbies and collections, or even telling others your most unique desires.

love**** money*** work**

Relationship elevator going up. Today you'll want to spend more time with someone you find special. That's because today the stage is set for your relationships to improve and mature. If possible, try planning something unique with that someone special. And don't let outside influences interrupt your time together.

love***** money*** work****

Take time for both. Today you'll have dual needs. On one hand, you'll want to take part in social activities. And at the same time, you'll need some time alone. Fortunately, you can and should do both! Today plan time with others, and also try to find someplace quiet where you can spend an hour alone.

love*** money*** work***

Better shape. Great day to focus on bettering your health. That's because today your health and physical wellbeing are in stronger focus. To help achieve the best results today, try to focus mostly on eating healthy foods, and on getting enough rest for your body to rebuild its natural defenses.

love*** money*** work***

People power. To feel your best today, spend more time socializing with others. Attending a party would fit the bill perfectly! But, that's not the only solution. You can also go to any crowded public place where you can mingle with lots of people. Great day to go to a popular restaurant, movie theater or store.

love**** money*** work****

The language of love. Today romance is a much greater possibility! So what can you do to improve your chances? You needn't say a word. That's because today your nonverbal signals are the key to improving your chances of making a love connection. When meeting people today, let your eyes and smile express your true intentions.

love***** money** work**

Out in front. Today your leadership skills are stronger than usual. So much so, that you should put yourself into situations where you can take a greater leadership role. You'll find you're especially effective when you get out in front and lead others by example. Great day to invite friends to join you.

love*** money**** work*****

Back to the simple things. Today, simplicity is your key to having the most successful and satisfying day. That means you'll want to avoid situations that seem overly complex. Instead, choose to do things in the simplest manner possible. It's also a great day to focus your time on favorite places, activities and people.

love**** money*** work***

Wednesday, February 20, 2002 - Posted by Jill Smith at 12:22 PM     [submit news]

Ah I am wondering if my abscence has been noticed, recently my quill has broken leaving me without a message to send..
I am sorry...


People seem to be pushing you around Leo and you are not one to take it so stand up and use that ego of yours to say "I AM NOT GOING TO TAKE IT!"
Cancers have fallen into a new love or met a new crush, life seems happy for now but beware those with ill intentions, they are aiming to kill.
The zodiac sees no major upsets in the month to come but do not let your guard down Gemini will receive a nice suprise in the next week or so and Taurus will feel heart break but alas something better is coming for you!

Sunday, December 09, 2001 - Posted by Jill Smith at 5:49 PM     [submit news]

Advice of the Week
No questions has been asked

Thus no advice is to be dispenced!

- Posted by Jill Smith at 5:47 PM     [submit news]


Aquarius you are having a good month in January you run into and old friend from wizarding school who turns out to be more then intrested in being friends.
Taurus are lacking the love and support from home they need this month, if it is your wizard lacking in noticing you or you just cannot find Mr. Right then keep your head up cause its going to be rough but will pay off in June.
Pisces be yourself... you have been hiding out for too long, it is time to stand up to your pushy boss today and be assertive maybe even tell them to get someone else to do their charms...

For the rest of the zodiac it is a normal month... Cancers do have some excitment in love coming in the next two weeks though!

Friday, November 30, 2001 - Posted by Jasmel - at 3:33 PM     [submit news]

Advise of the Week

Calliope asks: My child is 11 and I have not seen any signs of magic in him, we are waiting for his letter to Hogwarts (the school he would attend) but if he doesn't receive one what should I do?

Calliope, it sounds like you need to tell him the truth if this occurs, explain to him about Special Spell Courses he can enroll in to try to help him become more magical then he is now.

My prediction is though that his letter is coming. Many wizards who are not as developed show later signs of magic then earlier. This is known as Irregular Magic Development or IMD and occurs in many young witches and wizards today, it is a result of trauma on either parents side. So do not fear I am sure his magic will kick in soon. ~Alley Snow

- Posted by Jasmel - at 3:32 PM     [submit news]


Its going to be a long month for Libra's, you are going to meet new people and entertain many, don't forget to breath because more then likely your mother in-law is going to find havoc to place upon you.

Cancers see an upturn in their personal life for women it may be that shy wizard you met at the Three Broomsticks or for the fellows that cute witch that you ran into at Flourish and Blotts.

Sagittarians need to be careful because Mars has moved into the moon position be aware that this can cause your new job to fail and pretty much your luck is up so hold on grit your teeth and be ready for a rocky month.

For all other signs your month will stay steady and pass you by with ease be careful as always and beware of any person(s) who may be jealous of you. ~Alley Snow

Monday, November 26, 2001 - Posted by Jasmel - at 8:37 PM     [submit news]

New Section for the Daily Prophet

Greetings, today we have opened the Personals / Horoscopes page! Hope you enjoy!
Alley Snow will guide you into the Mystic Realm of Chance and Fate with her right on accurate readings.
She also has the "Advice of the Week" where she posts little tid bits of day to day life as a non-muggle.

Also, feel free to request a Personal and try to find you dream Wizard or Witch companion.


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